You made my day.

Posted on 3 Dec 2013 by Admin   |   Filed under templates, internet

I went to this store few weeks back then, people are really friendly and professional. I went there for color touch up, nothing special just get the normal touch up as usual. Yet, their service was really well, the reception asked me if I want any drinks and magazine which I finally drank 3 cups of orange juice lol. I like this salon.


Can't Imagine there is such a good salon in this neighborhood.

Posted on 29 aug 2016 by Admin   |   Filed under templates, internet

My friend introduced me to this salon few days ago, she told me that they offer excellent service and professional skills. Therefore, I planned to go for a try. When I went into the store, all staff has a very friendly smile and quickly arranged me a seat. Then one little girl introduced me the hair stylist, his name, Wai. He gave me some professional recommendation and gave me a awesome haircut. And one thing I couldn’t expect, when I planned to pay. Suddenly Wai offer me a free highlighted color treatment which I never expect. I really felt Wai is really awesome and he really want all of the customers have confidence before they leave. I really appreciate it, never expect! 5 STAR Service.


New Treatment Invention?

Posted on 29 aug 2016 by Admin   |   Filed under templates, internet

I usually go there for hair treatment. This time, the stylist offer me a new treatment, they told me it is Angel Hair Treatment. And after this, my hair becomes smooth like SILK. However, this treatment is more expensive than the original one, but they still give me same price. I like them because they are really professional and I could say this is the best salon in this area. Highly Recommended!


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